Beautiful imagery doesn’t just happen. It takes planning and experience.

When you open your wedding album and go back to that day, I want you to remember how gorgeous it was. I want the vibrancy and energy of the day to pop off the page. I want you to recognize the subtle shades of your flowers, the perfect details of your wedding dress, and the emotions shared between you and the most important people in your lives. I want you to re-experience the laughter, tears, nerves, dance moves, inside jokes… everything about that day that was real and joyful. 

So, how do we go about capturing the memories of your wedding day?

Step One: The Consultation. C’mon over, meet my husband and pets. (Allergic? There’s always Starbuck’s!) I’ll walk you through how I work, and we’ll talk about your wedding day. Bring all your questions! You’ll see the passion I have for wedding photography as I get giddy over your ideas and plans. We’ll go over prices and packages and we’ll decide which of my services fits you the best. And if necessary - we’ll customize! I want to get to know you as a couple so I can bring your inner beauty and love out in your photos, so this will not be the only time we meet.

Step Two: The Planning Meeting. This is where we will go into depth. I want to hear all about your family, your wedding party, your best friend, your crazy cousin. I want to hear about your dress, your cuff-links, your excitement, your hopes and your worries. We will go over your timeline to make sure you have moments to breathe and eat and plenty of time to make great photos.

Step Three: The Engagement Session. This is not mandatory, but I do encourage it. This is where you will get used to being in front of the camera. It can be uncomfortable, it can be intimidating, and here is where you will throw off those shackles. You will learn some of the techniques I use to make you look great in your pictures, and we will get to know each other a little bit better.

Step Four: The WEDDING! It’s here!!! You do your thing: drink mimosas, get in your dress, say your vows, kiss, and party. I’ll do the other stuff: Make sure your hair’s not out of place, tell you where to stand, keep us running on time, I’ll probably cry during your vows, too. You will be able to enjoy every moment, and I and my team will take care of the documenting. It goes fast, and we’ll perform the magic to stop time and capture your history.

I had to pick this song, their guests played it on kazoos as their recessional!

Step Five: The Reveal. About 2-3 weeks after your wedding, we will once again meet and you will see a slideshow of your final, perfected wedding images. I will help you begin the process of picking your favorites so you can choose the proper sizes for your walls, create your album so it tells your story, and choose gifts for your loved ones that they will forever cherish. You will receive a link to your online gallery to share with your family and friends, and a quick walk-through on how to use it to share on social media and order prints. But we’re not done yet. I will continue to be available to design your album and wall art for as long as you need me.