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Mom! Mommy! Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Gift Certificates Available!

Still looking for a gift for the Mom in your life?
Studies show that 97% of moms want family photos captured on a yearly basis. And they want the dog in there, too.*

Give Mom a Family & Pets Portrait Session!

*this is a made-up fact, but is probably true


What the Heck Happened in April?


Sit Stay Read held their annual Bark 'n Ball!


I got to meet and photograph these awesome pups who help low-income kids in Chicago Public Schools build their reading and writing skills. They were the best-behaved guests of honor I have ever met!
Learn more about Sit Stay Read and how you can help!


Only One Image Left to Complete the 100 Days of Color Challenge on Instagram! (and it’s been a lot more than 100 days….)


We instituted a new rule in our household: No Phones In Bed. It’s bad for your eyes, it’s bad for your head, it’s bad for your sleep….

And guess when I usually did my Instagram posting? Yup. In bed. The new rule has but one unfortunate side-effect: I’ve fallen out of the habit of posting everyday. But I’m getting a lot of reading done!


- Worldwide Love -

There’s a new badge on my website - 2019 Offbeat Bride Featured Vendor!


I was an Offbeat Bride myself, and with this resource’s help my husband and I were able to create the ceremony and reception to our tastes and personalities. As a wedding vendor, I will encourage you to have all the non-traditional rites, dresses, flowers, and food that you didn’t think you were “allowed” to have, just like I learned from Offbeat Bride.

I’m proud to be a 2019 Featured Vendor!


Thanks for being awesome!