5 Ways to Make Your Engagement Session Easy-Peasy!

You engagement session is great way to get to know and trust your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera. Here are some tips to make your session go smoothly!


1. CLOTHING - You’ll get the best results from your engagement session when you style your wardrobe in a way that fits your personalities. If you normally wouldn’t be caught dead in a sundress, don’t wear one to your session. Embrace your ripped jeans and leather jacket or whatever clothes make you feel your best. Forcing yourself into an outfit that doesn’t feel “you” will only make you uncomfortable and that will show in your images! And of course, as I always say, Break the Rules! One of my favorite things is to see someone wearing a formal gown in the middle of a dirty landscape. If you’re going casual, wear colors that complement each other, no need to be too “matchy”. Scarves and accessories are great for pops of color.


2. HAIR - Ladies AND gents! Some ladies like to have a hair and makeup trial before their wedding, and the day of your engagement session is a great time to do that! If you’e not into that, just make sure to take some time on it. If your session is outside, bring a comb or brush. If you tend to have your eyebrows tamed, be sure to have that done a day or two before your session so any redness has time to calm down. For folks with more facial hair (Gentlemen), be sure to trim up that beard or mustache the day of your session. Smoothing it down with some beard oil is a great idea, too (and your partner will enjoy nuzzling if you smell nice).

3. MAKE UP - As mentioned above, if you are planning a hair and makeup trial, the day of your engagement session is a great day to do that! If not, apply your makeup as usual, but add a little more to your eyes. No need to go overboard, and this is not the time to try a new smokey eye if you’ve never done it before. Just do what makes you comfortable, plus a tad more. Don’t forget to watch that jawline if you use foundation, and make sure it’s blended evenly.

4. RELAX - No, really. I know how stressful planning a wedding can be, and your engagement session is an opportunity to just forget it all and be with the person you love. Being present in the moment with your partner will give you genuine expressions of love in your images. Letting go and allowing your photographer to be creative will make for an amazing session!


5. MAKE IT A DATE - A good way to make sure you’re present in the moment is to make it part of a romantic day with your betrothed. Have reservations made at your favorite restaurant for after the shoot. You’re already dressed to the 9s, might as well! Keep that RELAX part going and enjoy the whole day with each other.