I am Susie Inverso, owner of Crimson Cat Studios, and this is literally my profile picture...

I got my first camera as a brooding, artistic teen. It was my grandfather's camera from the 60s, and I fell in love with the "chk" sound the shutter made and the feel of the film winding.  While obtaining my music degree at Elmhurst College, I spent as many nights in the darkroom as I did in the recording studio.  In the early 2000s I began my career in photography and have been capturing weddings of every kind ever since, from the Drake Hotel on Michigan Avenue with 300 guests to the neighborhood gazebo with just the minister and the couple.

One day, I had a wedding of my own. It was as weird as the day is long, and now I help funky, quirky, and non-traditional brides and grooms capture the uniqueness of their wedding so they will have memories of their day captured as works of art for a lifetime.

Maybe your dress isn't going to be white, maybe your hair will be all the colors of the rainbow, maybe your flowers will be picked from the empty lot next to your house.


Maybe you're looking for a photographer who understands that the uniqueness of your day is what will make it memorable and can capture that essence, along with all the love in the room.